Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last minute deals?

Have you ever heard about someone who booked a last minute cruise deal and saved lots of money? Believe me there are some fantastic last minute deals out there but for those of us who do not live close to a major cruise port there is a disadvantage to the last minute cruise deal. Last minute airfare! Booking airfare on a minutes notice can cost big money and often will quickly make the savings of a last minute cruise deal disappear. So what can those of us do who do not live within driving distance to a major cruise port? Check airfare prices first and do the math. Consider doing a pre and/or post stay that will allow you to fly during a time when airfare may cost less. But if you are like me and don't live anywhere close then book your cruise early. Booking early allows you time to find a good deal on airfare while still getting a fantastic price on your cruise. Often the best prices on airfare are around 6 to 7 months prior to the departure date. Booking early means you get more cabins to choose from, a dinning time that you want and time to pay off your cruise before you go. Nothing like taking a vacation knowing that the only thing you have left to pay for is the fun stuff and even then you can pay much of that upfront if you want to. We get last minute email offers daily so if your looking for a last minute cruise deal and would like us to help please contact one of our cruise specialist and tell them what interest you. Catch The Wave, book a cruise today!

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